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Here are some casual fashion trends in Singapore that you should keep an eye out for! Of course, we are not talking about trends on the runways, because given Singapore’s humid weather, wearing runway pieces are simply not feasible.


1. Embroidery X Denim


Topshop MOTO Floral Embroidered Mom Jeans
ASOS Parisian Denim Jacket with Rose Embroidery

I’m sure the embroidery trend is not foreign at all; but these babies are still to die for. However, as you can see, some of these beautiful embroidered pieces are not that affordable. So here’s an easy tip on how you can convert your favourite jeans (or anything really) to follow this amazing trend:

  1. Buy iron-on embroidered flower patches from Carousell or Taobao
  2. Position them on your chosen apparel and iron them on!

Alternatively, you can always embroider by hand if the designs of these patches are not to your liking.